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  1. David Hoffman
    Intel has advocated for more than 15 years for Congress to pass comprehensive U.S. privacy legislation. We do not believe there has to be a trade off between privacy and and innovation. Effective privacy regulation is critical to allow technologies like artificial intelligence to help solve the world’s greatest challenges. The combination of advances in computing power, memory and analytics create the possibility that technology can make tremendous strides in precision medicine, disease detection, driving assistance, increased productivity, workplace safety, education and more. At Intel we are developing many of these technologies and are focused on integrating artificial intelligence capability across the global digital infrastructure. At the same time, we recognize the need for a legal structure to prevent harmful uses of the technology and to preserve personal privacy so that all individuals embrace new, data-driven technologies. At Intel we know that privacy is a fundamental human right and robust privacy protection is critical to allow individuals to trust technology and participate in society.

    We have created our draft proposed law and want to use this website to facilitate discussion. Too often conversations about the language in U.S. legislation takes place solely behind closed doors. We want everyone to participate in the process. We also want to know what the best privacy experts have to say about our proposal. We have asked these experts to post to a section of our website. We are either compensating the experts for their time, or in the case of those from non-profits and advocacy entities, we are providing some general financial support for their organization. We have asked the experts to give us critical feedback, especially the portions of the bill with which they agree. We have promised that we will not edit the content of their posts. I will also participate in that discussion, and will bring in comments from our public discussion part of the website.

    After approximately two weeks, we will pause the discussions and will update the proposed bill based on the feedback. We look forward to the dialogue and creating the best bill possible to optimize for both innovation and privacy.